we’ve recently pushed an update of the toolbox to fix a new compatibility issue with Matlab R2022a. If you updated to this version and want to use drEEM, it’s important to update drEEM as well since you will be unable to access the Matlab documentation while drEEM is on the Matlab path.

You can download v0.6.5 here.

To update (if drEEM is already installed), simply execute getdreem without providing any input to the function. getdreem downloads the newest release and installs it properly. This will only work on drEEM v0.6.0 or newer.

The changes are as follows:


  • Modifications:
    • associatemetadata: Bugfix, suppress error message when metadata table contains more entries than the dataset itself.
    • N-Way toolbox: Removed incompatible file info.xml to prevent error messages when accessing any documentation in Matlab (since R2022a). Renamed contents.m to prevent similar issues.