After the release of v0.6.0, we’ve ironed out some minor bugs in drEEM and released a new version. You can download v0.6.1 here.

To update from 0.6.0, simply execute getdreem without providing any input to the function. getdreem downloads the newest release and installs it properly.

The changes are as follows:


  • splitanalysis: Bugfix in input argument parsing. Now works as documented. 0.6.0 had it and constraints switched.
  • handlescatter: Bugfix. Smoothing now works as expected (previously interpolation was done for all types and ignored the user input in opt.interpolate).
  • modelout & modeloutmac: Bugfix in drEEM version reporting & .Smooth handling. Support for handlescatter added (no error message as in 0.6.0)
  • assembledataset: Added .i as a standard field to the function output to ensure compatibility with checkdataset


  • modelexport: Based on modelout, but works faster and is platform independent. This function may require Matlab R2019a or newer to work properly.