Register now for online PARAFAC course: October 5-23, 2020

The team behind drEEM and OpenFluor is running a course to teach the use of Parallel Factor Analysis on DOM fluorescence!

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This course will provide instruction on best-practice application of PARAFAC to fluorescence datasets. After completing the course, the student should be able to independently produce a validated PARAFAC model from fluorescence and absorbance measurements of dissolved organic matter using the drEEM toolbox in MATLAB.

The course will be delivered online using a combination of written material, recorded lectures and videos, combined with in-person (zoom) Question & Answer sessions. Course instructors will be Kate Murphy, Urban Wünsch and Colin Stedmon, from Chalmers University of Technology and the Technical University of Denmark. Together we have >30 y of experience using and teaching PARAFAC!


  1. Theory of PARAFAC for fluorescence and underlying assumptions
  2. Inner filter effects – why they occur and how to deal with them
  3. Cleaning a fluorescence EEM dataset (identify and eliminate bad data)
  4. Modeling a fluorescence EEM dataset
  5. Validating models using internal and external data
  6. Interpreting PARAFAC models from FDOM