When using eemreview (v0.5 or older) with Matlab R2018b (or older), you may come across this string of error messages when hitting the “spectra” button:

Dot indexing is not supported for variables of this type. 

Error in ginput>setupFcn (line 221) 
    initialState.toolbarVisible{1} = tb.Visible; 

Error in ginput (line 60) 
    initialState = setupFcn(fig); 

Error in eemreview>init_exemmview (line 362) 

Error using uiwait (line 81) 
Error while evaluating UIControl Callback. 

This error originates in a Matlab-internal function that produces the error and we have therefore no control over fixing the issue. But there is good news – it is only an issue for older Matlab versions. When we verify a release of the drEEM toolbox, we use the latest Matlab version at the time. The issue above is solved with a Matlab update to the latest version. We highly recommend updating Matlab regularly, especially when switching to a newer version of drEEM.